Enjoy the delicate and intricate art of blending spices

At Taaza Indian Bistro we prepare all of our food with the freshest ingredients possible.  Our mission is to provide our customers the best in both northern and southern style Indian cuisine.  Prepared by experienced authentic Indian Chefs for your dining pleasure.

The skill of using Indian spices comes not only with knowing what spices to use, but also how to use them. Indians have traditionally used spices for their medicinal qualities as well as flavor. Different blends of spices can be said to have "heating" or "cooling" effects.  A curry is a blend of spices cooked with tomatoes and onions, yogurt or coconut milk. The blend varies according to the region and the cook. Curries are likely to include several different spices.  

The Tandoori:

A traditional Indian Oven is a special cylindrical clay oven used in cooking and baking.  Introduced to India centuries ago by the conquering Persians, the oven has become known as an important fixture in Indian restaurants around the world.

The traditional Indian Tandoori uses real wood charcoal as its fuel.  A tradition that we hold on to here at Taaza Indian Bistro. We feel that the traditional wood charcoal imparts a flavor to the food that is unmatched by the newer gas-fired Tandooris that are now found in many modern Indian kitchens. The sides of the Tandoori may reach over 900 degrees creating a sealed heat that allows seafood, and meats cooked in it to retain their natural juices and flavors.